Touring in Croatia and Slovenia 2019.

Summer is approaching in fast pace, so it was time to use the opportunity and do the touring before it looks more like barbecue then cycling.
Length: 510 km | Total ascent: 3400 m

Island Cres. From Porozina to Merag

This short cycling route is most beautiful in spring and most probably in autumn (we still have to come in autumn), and for sure out of tourism season.
Length: 34 km | Total ascent: 740 m

I follow river with bicycle

I am following river Kupa, river Krka and river Sava. Route took me, most of the time, over low traffic roads with beautiful scenery and spring in full bloom.
Length: 161 km | Total ascent: 880 m

Pogleda na rijeku savu i pristanište skele. Bicikl je naslonjen na pristanište. Fotografirano: 13.5.2018.

Ferryboat over river Sava (close to Zagreb)

Ferryboat crossing over river Sava (village Medsave near Zagreb) is my favorite location because it is romantic and old fashioned and it is much safer alternative then going from Podsused to Zaprešić through tunnels.

Karolina – cycling historical road from Karlovac to Rijeka

Karolina is historical road connecting Karlovac and Bakar. It was built from 1726 till 1728. Today road is surfaced and is very suitable for cycling due to low traffic and it is passing through nice mountain surroundings.
Length: 124 km | Total ascent: 2100 m

Family cycling along Mura river

Cycling in Međimurje along Mura river is excellent for family cycling. It is flat and easy. You can visit various places and enjoy quiet roads.
Length: 50 km | Total ascent: 20 m