Burek – ultimate cyclists food

Let’s clear few things first. Burek comes only with meat. Any other kind, with apple or cheese, is not a Burek, it is a Pita.

Lets continue.

Forget about food supplements, gels, bars, super food, this and that. Burek is the master of them all.

Why is Burek so superior?

Let me illustrate in couple of bullets

  1. Burek contains meat.

  2. It is grease. You fingers (if you eat with your fingers) will be grease when you finish one. This is an advantage for you as an cyclist. You will play levers/hoods/buttons on your bicycle much easily. When you wipe your nose it will go smoother (no worry of irritated nose) and you will smell scent of Burek during ride. In emergency situation, you can grease you chain with your fingers, but it is better to prepare for a ride, so grease your chain earlier.
    Oh, you eat Burek with your hands. If you want to insult Burek, use cutlery.

  3. Some Burek incarnations are circular shape. Circle of life is circle. Your wheels are circular, so is Burek. I think it speaks for it self.

  4. Power-to-weight ratio for Burek in unprecedented. It is infinity! Why? Well, you can not carry Burek with you, so it weights 0 in your pockets. You eat Burek hot/worm and on a spot. So when you divide any number (eg. weight) with zero you get infinity. Also, there is no point carrying Buker around because you do not enjoy this infinitive power-to-weight ratio. So, Burek is for eating, not carrying around. Carry around food supplements, gels, bars, super food, this and that.

  5. Burek is not consider as a doping. Or if it is, no one cares.

Where to find Burek

You may ask yourself, where can I find good Burek. For sure, not online. It is a trail and error thing. Same as finding perfect saddle, or least painful. You will spend bunch of money until you find good one. And when you find one, you stick with it. I found my Burek on Dolac (marketplace in Zagreb’s centre). The one at mezzanine, close to eastern stairs to market. Also, there is one in bakery (Pekara Zrinski) in Stubičke Toplice.

If in doubt, ask you friends for recommendation.

And don’t forget. Burek tastes the best when it is hot/warm, in company of loved ones and after heavy ride.

Deal breaker: Burek goes nice with yogurt 😉

Knock your self out!

Note: My English ain’t perfect, but we understand each other, don’t we 😉