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Road + gravel

Over the hills around Vrbovec

This cycling route will take us through the beautiful landscape around Vrbovec. The landscape is characterized by numerous hills with beautiful views of the surroundings. Length: 45 km | Total ascent: 300 m

Western Zagorje from castle to castle

Cycling route is taking us through Western Zagorje region along few castles, traditional village and birth place of J. Broz Tito. Region is particularly beautiful during spring and autumn, when the nature is full of colors and smells. Roads are comfortable for cycling without major traffic. Length: 83 km | Total ascent: 300 m

I follow river with bicycle

I am following river Kupa, river Krka and river Sava. Route took me, most of the time, over low traffic roads with beautiful scenery and spring in full bloom. Length: 161 km | Total ascent: 880 m