Through the valleys of rivers Sutla, Sava and Krka. Kumrovec. Croatian Zagorje and Savinja region in Slovenia.

LENGTH: 133 km | TOTAL ASCENT: 520 m | COFFEE: Kumrovec, Samobor | DATE: 6.4.2019. | SURFACE: Asphalt | ROUTE AT: Komoot | DOWNLOAD: GPX

This route will take you along many roads with low traffic through valleys of rivers Sutla, Sava and Krka. Along Savinja region in Slovenia route gets a bit hill but every short climb is rewarded with view.

Mandatory coffee stop is in Kumrovec at krčma (a.k.a. pub) “Kod Starog”.

Krčma „Kod Staroga” is a place to be which has, among drinks and food, quite a nice library of contemporary literature. If you are not in a hurry take a book and enjoy. It is interesting to find library in a local restaurant 😉

Kumorvec is a place of some important history from medieval times and 20 century history. Kumrovec is most famous as a birth place of Josip Broz Tito and near by is a monument to Croatian anthem at Zelenjak and curia Erdody at Razvor.

In last section of route you are passing over wooden at Cerklje ob Krki, which is rarity nowadays.

Note: My English ain’t perfect, but we understand each other, don’t we?