Image taken: 12.5.2018.

I Follow River with bicycle

Nice early spring bicycle ride on low traffic roads and only two hills. A bit longer, but you have whole day ;-) I am following river Kupa, river Krka and river Sava. Start is from Karlovac which can be reached by train and bicycle in

View at a road passing through two rows of high trees near village Melinci. Image taken: 29.4.2018.

Family cycling along Mura river

Cycling in Međimurje along Mura river is excellent for family cycling. It is flat and easy. You can visit various places and enjoy quiet roads. In surrounding fields you can see wild animals (don't worry, they do not bite).  You can also combine routes in

View at a ferryboat crossing river Sava. Image taken 25.1.2018.

Ferryboat over river Sava (close to Zagreb)

Ferryboat crossing over river Sava (village Medsave near Zagreb) is my favorite location for crossing with bicycle because it is romantic and old fashioned. Ferryboat is sailing every day and ticket is only 5kn (13.5.2018.) for a ride.